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Business Web Template PSD – Freebie No:153

Today  we are giving a beautiful  business web template psd design  for free. You can see the screenshot blow, as you can see this web template is a single page layout designed for business  websites. You can use this template for personal as well as commercial purposes, this is completely free to use.

Business Templates -

Download Business Template PSD

Format : PSDSize : 4.53 MB Licence

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Business Web Template PSD – Freebie No:153

Guide To Boosting Your Freelance Career With Pro Bono Work

People who are new to web design and development, writing or any other sort of creative work have little to show in their portfolio. And that’s a potentially major problem as thousands of experts with strings of portfolios are already out in a saturated market. What advantage could a newcomer have over someone who’s had years of experience and a reputation to boot?

Well, you can always go pro bono to build up your professional portfolio first. Want to know how? I’ve put together a quick guide on how to leverage pro bono work to gain more work.

What Is Pro Bono?

Pro bono is basically work done by a professional for free for the public. But in the freelance scene’s context, it’s for a freelancer’s image. Pro bono work is tricky. I say tricky because there are two different opinions on this. There’s the professionals who hate pro bono work and the ones who are for it.

The group against pro bono work feel that artists are getting ripped and selling themselves short of what they are worth. Alongside that you have many clients that prey on beginners to get free or extremely cheap labor.

The professionals are right; you should never ever sell yourself short. Hate on these predators (for lack of a better term) however you want, but why not you use them to your advantage instead?

The Sad Truth About Starting Freelancing

Only the experienced ones are given the high-paying projects. It doesn’t really matter if you are an experienced developer, designer or writer, if your online profile is basically zero, you’re out of luck.

You need to have an online presence.

When I started writing as a freelancer, 5 months after finishing university, no one wanted to work with me because I didn’t have any published articles online. I only started getting work because I did one free work. After which, I was recommended to and by people.

If you are new to the scene, I highly recommend selling yourself short (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d ever write). Suppose a project’s budget is around 00. If you think you can offer a 25-50% price slash, do it. If it’s a project that can be accomplished in just one day, you could even offer your services for free.

There is a catch though. Being the lowest bidder might give the impression that you are a low-quality worker. To turn this to your advantage, explain your situation: you are offering to work for less because you are new to the scene, but your client should expect no less than exceptional work.

Projects Worth Pursuing

Of course you shouldn’t just accept any project you see. You need to be meticulous and make sure that the project will potentially lead to other projects.

If you are looking for work on job boards like Elance, Freelancer, and the like, be sure to only talk to project owners with a robust history of projects. That way, you can ask them to contact you for future projects if they like your work.

Another thing you can do is to contact businesses or organizations in your area and offer your service. Try contacting the following in your locality; usually they have very little requirements and you’ll not get too much feedback (or additional input) and will be left on your own to do your magic. Plus, if you do it for free, you can always ask them to provide a good testimonial for you or to recommend you to others.

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Orphanages

  • Interest groups

  • Your favourite local band

  • Your favourite restaurant

  • Politicians (if you are feeling adventurous)

When selecting your organization of choice, there are 3 important things to consider:

Is the organization connected with other organizations?

Organizations like to keep in contact with other similar organizations e.g. musician bands and indie groups know of other similar groups and if you were to make one website for one group, word may spread quickly of your services within the community.

Does it have a good image?

Where possible, you should steer clear from organizations with a bad image. Doing pro bono work should steer towards developing a positive image for yourself, not ruin it before it launches.

Is there potential for growth?

If the atmosphere suggests that the organization you’d want to work with has a great potential for growth, hop in without a second thought. You’ll be riding to the top with them as they popular and bigger.

Note that these are mere guidelines, not rules. You may prefer to work with individuals first instead of organizations. That’s fine too as it helps add to your ever-growing portfolio, giving you the boost you need in a different way.

How To Know What Works

A lot of companies and experienced freelancers do pro bono work on a regular basis. For example, web hosting companies do a lot of giveaways, offering a year’s worth of web hosting and domains for free. While they are not getting paid for their services, they are getting back free publicity. The same can be seen in graphic artists who release business card designs, logos, icons, fonts, artwork and the like on design blogs and creative outlets like Behance, Dafont, DeviantArt, and Dribbble.

Why does this work? People love free stuff. They will flock to you. And that’s the kind of publicity you want, a positive one. For web designers and developers, one effective method of driving people to your site is by giving away free website templates which, mind you, you can also include in your portfolio.

Do you see the trend here now? The gateway to success is basically to give your stuff for free at first, because if people loved your product or work, you will eventually be led to people who are willing to pay for more of your work.

Say No To spec Work

Urgh, spec work. Do not mistake pro bono work with… spec work. Unlike pro bono work which will probably get you leads to better-paying work in the future, spec work is just downright evil. It operates like this: the client behind a project will ask many individuals (mostly freelancers) to produce a work based on a specific list of requirements.

The bad news is, they pick, and pay, only the one result they want. After investing all that time and effort into producing spec work, you might leave empty handed, with no testimonial, publicity or leads to future project. Never engage in spec work — you’ll just encourage them to prey on other newcomers if you do.

Pro bono doesn’t only work for people who are just starting freelance work online. This also applies to seasoned freelancers who are experiencing "rainy days”, days when projects seem hard to come by. Start building your portfolio now. Remember, always move forward, even if it’s just one small step.

Guide To Boosting Your Freelance Career With Pro Bono Work

55 Best Dribbble Freebies of December 2014

Dribbble, ever since it has begun the journey has been serving us all with the best freebies posted by designers and creative artists. There is hardly any designer or creative genius who is not acquainted with the one of the most popular community for designers. From newbie to professional  designers, each one when done with the designing makes sure to post the same on the Dribbble to get feedback, to let other designers use their design in big projects and much more.

What we do here is that each month we look for best of the rest designs that are lately posted on Dribbble for you all to check as opening up all the pages to check out what’s in there is one time consuming job. This is an ongoing process that we do at our end and come up with the monthly compilation of best Dribbble freebies.

Without further adieu, let’s begin checking out our this month’s best Dribbble freebies of December 2014.

55 Best Dribbble Freebies of December 2014

1. Freebie : App Landing Page Design

Designed by Masudur Rahman, here is an exclusive freebie app landing page.


2. Freebie:  Black & Turquoise Ui Kit

From NAS, this is a freebie UI with black and turquoise color theme.


3. iOS PIN User Interface

This is a recreation of the Enter Pin screen on iOS 8 for learning purposes by Maximlian Hennebach.


4. Freebie – 80 Tiny Vector Icons

Designed by GraphBerry, this is a set of 80 tiny icons in vector AI and PSD file. Use these icons for your different web projects. All icons are in vector format and can be scaled easily.


5. Seo Icons

Designed by Wassim, this is the biggest set of internet and seo icons that you can download for free.


6. Peeps

Designed by Pablo Stanley, here are fun illustrations that are available for free download to use them in your projects.


7. Christmas Freebies

Christmas we all know has gone but then fervor is still on. Here is a nice Christmas freebie by Maria Shanina that you all will love.


8. Dashboard Free PSD

Designed by Vladimir Babic, this is a nice dashboard free PSD that with a purple poop.


9. Freebie: Benefits App

This is a free benefits App by Fuxxo Works. There is a top navbar, below news bar then big scrollable banner, and below the sections, or products or categories and much more that gives it an overall appeal.


10. Icons For Web (Freebie)

This is an icon set for web design by Pavel Kozlov.


11. Free Dashboard UI Kit

Ennio Dybeli designed this kit and Vasjen Katro collaborated for Fabric Team to come up with the superb dashboard UI kit.


12. Freebie: Creative Minimal Business Agency Webpage Design

Ali Sayed designed this creative and minimal business agency webpage design for you all to check out and use if you wish to.


13. iPhone 6 Free Mockup

This nice looking iPhone 6 mockups lets users showcase their projects. It’s designed by Darius Dan.


14. Ekomers – FREE App Landing Page

From Bagus Fikri, here comes a visually appealing landing page for a web application.


15. Free Polygonal / Low Poly Background Texture 

Designed by Rounded Hexagon, this is a fresh free low-poly / polygonal texture available for free download.


16. Freebie – Pattern Harvest of Hay Stacked in Spiral

From, here comes a nice freebie that’s a pattern harvest of hay stacked in spiral. Users get free stock photos for commercial and personal use.


17. Free Penguin Illustration Vector

Designed by pixaroma, this is a free penguin illustration vector available in Ai, Eps, Png format.


18. Psd freebie : MFD UI kit

Here is a nice UI Kit prepared by Thomas Budiman. It comprises of 12 widget elements. Download it easily and use it in your projects.


19. Freebie : Minimal eCommerce Web-Page Design

Designed by Ali Sayed, this is a free minimal e-commerce web page design that we believe is definitely worth checking out and downloading to be used.


20. 100+ FREE icons

100+ royalty-free Pizza Icons by Saturized will make you all drool over.


21. 12 Free Handmade Stamp Rings

Designed by Ian Barnard, this is a set of 12 handmade ink stamp rings in vector format. It is ideal for logo design as seen in my previous shot.


22. Free icons set from Shakuro

Here is an extra free icons set from Shakuro that you all will love.


23. Freebie: PixelBuddha Free Icons Bundle


24. A4 Bifold Brochure Mockup


25. 25 Free PSD Modern Buttons vol. 1


26. Dott – Free Business Template


27. Nebula Dashboard (.sketch)


28. UIFrames


29. HTML website template

Gumba is a free and simple static website template by Rick Waalders


30. Android Lollipop Date & Time Pickers (PSD)

Designed by Alex Vanderzon, this is a nice mockup for the new material design time and date picker for a project.


31. Freebie – Business Card Mockup

Designed by GraphBerry, this awesome PSD mockup cn help you all showcase your business card design in modern style.


32. Simplified European Map

This is a free, minimalist European vector map by Balazs-Hegedüs Jozsef. You can use it for free!


33. Dribbble Client Concept

Designed by Thanasis, this is a dribbble client app concept for android and its full with material design awesomeness.


34. Free Psd Bi Fold Brochure Mockup

Designed by Wassim, this is  free PSD bifold brochure mockup that you all will simply love.


35. Weather Icons Freebie

Designed by Michael Wang, this as you all can see is a set of weather icons that you all can download for free.


36. AI Resume Template | Version III

This AI resume template by Georgian-Sorin Maxim looks stunning.


37. Urban Agency 

Urban Agency by Brice Seraphin is a pixel perfect, fully editable .psd,100% vector shapes with organized layers and easily editable.


38. Snowflake UI Kit

Designed by Sergey Azovskiy, here is  a winter inspired Snowflake UI Kit that is made available for free.


39. CV/Resume/Portfolio

This is a CV/Resume or portfolio template designed by Ali Attarwala for you all to download for free and use.


40. Freebie – PSD Coming Soon Page

This is a PSD design of coming, launching soon page that is ideal for your upcoming website. Background included and free google font used link can be found in .txt file.


41. Designer Desk Essentials

Designed by Raul Taciu, here’s an awesome PSD mock-up that you can use to create custom hero images for your portfolio page, profile cover and much more.



49. Freebie: 2 Photorealistic T-Shirt Mock-ups

From PixelBuddha, here comes a freebie to let you present your design in the best way possible with the beautiful, easy to edit and fully layered T-Shirt Mock-ups with innovative perspective favoring your work.


50. Black Laptop Freebie Small

Designed by EmmanuelKaska, this is a black laptop freebie that is sure to give your project a new look.


51. Freebie – A4 Brochure PSD Mockup

Showcase your A4 Brochure design with these simple and elegant PSD mockup.


52. Social Icons Freebie

These are the hand drawn social icons to grab for free and use. These are designed by Agata Kuczminska.


53. Freebie – Uistic Kit

This is a small futuristic UI kit designed by Balraj Chana. Feel free to download and use.


54. Analytics Dashboard UI KIT – Freebie

Designed by Balkan Brothers, this is a set of analytics dashboard UI kit that uses google metrics color scheme.


55. Free Journal Mockup

Designed by Angelo Barrientos, this is a PSD for the first mockup of a pack.


That’s all for the month of December and we will soon be coming with best Dribbble freebies of year 2014. So, stay tuned!

55 Best Dribbble Freebies of December 2014