Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Generate Sales from your Website?

Ok, now you have a Singapore website. So how do you make use of your website to generate traffic and sales? After all, it is all about making money to survive in Singapore.

One of the most common misconception that most of us have is: "Once I put up my website on Internet, it can generate sales or business enquiry for my company".

It is the BIGGEST misconception that 97% of business owners have. When you have your website on Internet, you can still end up with ZERO enquiry or ZERO sale.You might be thinking now, "Why does this happen? I thought when I put up my website, then it can generate business enquiries & sales for me."

The reason is simple: Everyday there are millions of website being put up on Internet. Due to these huge number of websites, people have NO WAY to find your website by chance when you are new. Then, you might ask: "So, how can I generate profit or business enquiry from my website?"

------------------It is Marketing. ------------------

You need to do Marketing to promote your website. Only when you do Marketing to attract visitors to your website,your website can generate business enquiry or profit for your company.

In fact, I can ensure you that all Marketing Campaigns or Strategies fall into either one of these 2 categories:

1. Online Marketing

2. Offline Marketing

Of course, Marketing is a Big Topic. To avoid overloading your brain with information now, I will reveal to you intensive information in my subsequent blog entries to make sure you get to implement them into your website to outperform most of the other companies that don't know this.

Stay tuned because if you miss out these information but your competitors are reading my entries, then you will lose out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 Killer Contents to put in your Website

For a company website, you must always include these 4 killer contents to give your visitors a clear understanding about your company & why they should choose to engage your company's services or buy your products.

1. Company's Services Info or Product Information
It depends wether your company is providing Services or selling Products.

You should ask yourself,
i. What kind of services your customers can benefit from your company
ii. What products that you customers can get from you

If you are providing many services or products, you should always group them into categories.
This offers a great convenience to your website visitors.
Remember they have only a few minutes or even seconds to spend on your website.

In addition to that, you must always inform your customer about your Unique Selling Proposition.
In simple term, why should I (as a customer) engage your service or buy from you?

2. Your Client Portfolio or Customer Testimonial
When your website visitors visit your website for the 1st time, they know nothing about you & your company.

To them, you are a Total Stranger.
This is the reason why you must give them CONFIDENCE in your company.
The most effective way to achieve this is through showcasing your client portfolio or customer testimonials.
(The best if you have both). When they see your strong client base or solid projects that you have done, they surely start to know that you are a Reliable & Trustable company.

3. Email Address Capturing Form
This is one of the most important part of the website. You must provide incentive/valuable information to entice your visitors to provide you their email address so that they can get these valuable information from you for free.

(eNewsletter is one kind of this). With this email database, you can start building trust & good relationship with them by constantly giving out valuable information that can benefit them.

4. Contact Us Information
This information is usually inside Contact Us page. You must always provide your Contact Information (contact number, email & office address) for your website visitors to contact you. You must also include a Contact Us/Enquiry Form for them to fill up & submit to your email. (Some people are just too shy to pick up phone & call you)