Monday, March 30, 2009

4 Killer Contents to put in your Website

All the times, our clients will ask us what information should they put into their websites.

For a website, you must always include these 4 killer contents to give your visitors a clear understanding about your company & why they should choose to engage your company's services or buy your products.

Company's Services Info or Product Information
It depends wether your company is providing Services or selling Products.

You should ask yourself,
i. What kind of services your customers can benefit from your company ii. What products that you customers can get from you

If you are providing many services or products, you should always group them into categories.
This offers a great convenience to your website visitors.
Remember they have only a few minutes or even seconds to spend on your website.

In addition to that, you must always inform your customer about your Unique Selling Proposition.

In simple term, why should I (as a customer) engage your service or buy from you?

Your Client Portfolio or Customer Testimonial
When your website visitors visit your website for the 1st time, they know nothing about you & your company.

To them, you are a Total Stranger.
This is the reason why you must give them CONFIDENCE in your company.
The most effective way to achieve this is through showcasing your client portfolio or customer testimonials.

(The best if you have both). When they see your strong client base or solid projects that you have done, they surely start to know that you are a Reliable & Trustable company.

Email Address Capturing Form
This is one of the most important part of the website. You must provide incentive/valuable information to entice your visitors to provide you their email address so that they can get these valuable information from you for free.

(eNewsletter is one kind of this). With this email database, you can start building trust & good relationship with them by constantly giving out valuable information that can benefit them.

Contact Us Information
This information is usually inside Contact Us page. You must always provide your Contact Information (contact number, email & office address) for your website visitors to contact you. You must also include a Contact Us/Enquiry Form for them to fill up & submit to your email. (Some people are just too shy to pick up phone & call you)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Does my website need a CMS?

What is a CMS?
A CMS is a Content Management System, an online system that allows you to be able to login from any computer that has an Internet connection, and make changes and updates to your website quickly.

Do you need one?
If you have an informational website that you will be updating daily or weekly then yes a cms would be in your best interest so that you don’t need to worry about downloading and uploading files or paying someone to maintain your website which could be quite costly.

Most informational websites only change their information on a monthly basis or even bi-annually and it’s usually a minor change. If you hired a professional this would only be a small fee as most of these types of updates only take about an hour maybe 2 to have completed.
If you aren’t making changes to your website on a weekly basis then there is no reason to pay $40 - $75 per month just to have a content management system that you aren’t using… When you could have a static website, have it hosted for as little as $6 per month and have it updated for less than $200 per year.

Also if your looking to get news out to people on your website this doesn’t require a cms to run your entire website, you can setup a blog that fits in with your website for your news/press releases for a few hundred dollars as your hosting already has the capability to have the system installed again staying in the $10 per month range.

So before you sign on to a huge monthly fee maybe you only need to spend a few hundered dollars on a solution ( )that gets a great looking website up with the information your customers need, with only a $10 a month hosting fee instead of $60 per month.
Another thing to consider if you need a full content management system is the the wordpress system you can get a great theme with lots of customization options for as little as $400 and it provides a full content management system (Sample Wordpress Theme) that can be installed into a $20 per month 1and1 hosting package.This way you have all of the same benefits as what cms hosted solutions offer but at a far more affordable cost.

Now for some businesses this won’t be enough if you are selling products you will need a full E-commerce system to process orders, receive payments, track inventory etc. etc. If you are thinking about selling your products online I usually recommend looking for a hosted solution through a company like 1and1, yahoo stores, and many others. These are the best way to get an online store running as most provide a way to process payments, as you can’t just put a website and accept all major credit cards you need to have a payment gateway, a way to track inventory etc. There is a lot of work involved with setting up an online store but using a hosted solution they are able to simplify it as they already have the backend for payment processing and shipping modules already setup for you to use.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why Joomla Web Designing is a Better Option?

Joomla CMS is the latest rage in website designing. It is getting popularity due to its easy accessibility and dynamic features.

Hurray! I just completed creating a new website and that too ALL By my Own. Well thats the kind of freedom Joomla web designing has provided you. Your website will look and feel exactly the way you like it. You need not worry about designers fussing over your ideas, or the exuberant cost that you have to pay for good website designing.

Joomla Web Designing is a the easiest way so for being introduced for CMS (Content Mangement system of a website). For those who are still unaware of what Joomla exactly is, let me tell you, that Joomla is an open source content management system, that is used to build a website and used henceforth, for any editing that the website might require.

Small and Medium sized businesses that develop a medium sized website, are really really fond of this easy to use web designing technique. It is most suitable for those websites, that have a lot of content in their site, which needs regular changing and editing. Corporate websites, institutions, portals, and several others have used Joomla we designing successfully and have also declared it as the best web designing tool so far.

The reason why Joomla has been recognized with the best tool award is that it has an active community working for it and supporting it continuously. There are many plug-ins and extensions that come along with the Joomla package, to expand the functionalities of this CMS system. With Joomla you can make a simple 3-4 page website (the way I did for an experiment) or you can also create a forum or a blog from it. Manage client contacts, online library of documents, podcasts, calendars, gallery, booking system or videos.

The best part of Joomla web designing is that it also provides different levels of user access. This will help you keep track of your website management. Different rights can be given to different users to edit or change certain sections. All of this combined together make Joomla one of the best CMS tool introduced so far.

I must thank the brilliant minds behind it.